University of Turku
Bachelor and Master of Arts, Art/Art Studies, Major in Art History
2012 – 2016

Art History, Basic Studies:
Art History as a Discipline I, II
Analysis Exercises: Heikki Marila, Flowers XXIX
Approaches to Art History
A World History of Art: Literature I, II
Finnish Art History in its Regional Context I, II: Prehistory to the Early Twenties
20th Century Finnish Art History: Literature

Art History, Intermediate Studies:
Critical History of the Museum as an Institution
Finnish Art: New Perspectives
Late 20th-Century Art
Museums as Institutions: Field Course
Photographic Documentation of Art
Practical Training: Galleria Maaret Finnberg, assistant
Proseminar and Bachelor´s Thesis: Web Gallery Phenomenon
Theories and Methods: Literature
Theories and Methods; Practicum: Migration of Images: Caritas Romana

Art History, Advanced Studies:
Classics of Art History
Philosophies of Art
Practical Training: Turku Artist Association, Flux Aura 2011
Psychoanalytic Approach
Optional Theme I: Digital Art History
Optional Theme II: ARS17 Hello World! Hello Post-Internet?
MA Project Studies: Concept of Contemporary Art & the Contemporary Art Canon
Theories and Methodologies: Literature
Theories and Methodologies: Practicum

Educational Sciences:
Professions, Education and Society: Art Gallerist

European and World History:
Economy and Consumption I

Activities and Societies:
Kuvatus ry.

HUMAK University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor’s degree, Cultural Management
2010 – 2013


Administration and Policy
Cultural Manager’s Work & Production Processes in Practice
Cultural Content Production: Visual Arts
Cultural Production Processes: Event Management
Culture as a Business
Economics & Finance
Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
Financial Management
Introduction to Cultural Manager’s Work and Production Processes
Knowledge of Art
Language Studies: English & Swedish
Legal Issues
Media and Interaction
Project Work and Management
Research in the Development of the Field
Research Methodology
Thesis: The Marketing of a Web Gallery and the Unique Features of Art Market – Case Galleria Maaret Finnberg